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Process Methodology

Our Implementation Manager will work with you and your team to learn your particular operations, processes, and requirements. Using your company’s New Employee Manual, we will develop a profile tailored to your company’s needs. Don’t have one? Don’t worry. U S Software Inc will work closely with you to create specific criteria that are aligned with your current procedures.
Together, we will outline and develop a Project Plan with metrics-based scorecards. This means that we will have clearly defined goals and targets. Being engineers at heart, we believe that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. You will be able to measure your success in both the short term and long term. Implementation will on your schedule. It is our goal to deliver quality work in a timely manner. We are at your disposal.
U S Software’s team operates as an extension of your business. It’s our job to find and train the best people to suit your company’s needs. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we are compliant with your company’s procedures, systems, paperwork, and reporting. We use industry-standard key performance indicators to monitor and coach all employees.
During and after employee training, we will closely monitor production and be available to help with troubleshooting. We strive to anticipate any issues that may arise during our engagement. Our first focus will be quality, then on quantity. We realize that work done well is far superior than work simply done. Next, we will turn our focus to streamlining the process, increasing productivity and value. We want to be your strategic partner, doing our part to make your business succeed. We will communicate clearly, openly, and frequently with you.
Our U.S. based Client Manager will work with you to deliver status updates, reporting, continuous improvement suggestions, issues, and opportunities. Using metrics-based scorecards, we will both be able to clearly see how we are meeting your goals, and will be flexible should your goals change. Over time, U S Software’s team will also recommend ways to further improve the process for increased quality and productivity.
Custom Software Development Methodology
US Software INC follows a full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our SDLC process includes the following phases:
SDLC Process MAP
Defining Project Scope
This phase involves a through study of the project to comprehend its requirements and determine the project goals. Our software development team interacts closely with the client to acquire insight into the project domain, general and specific project-related requirements of the client, current practices and client goals. The project agenda and the general schedule for product delivery are decided during this phase. The development team then formalizes the objectives of the project, and draws up complete specification report for software development, which is sent to the client for approval.
Defining Functional Specifications:
Development phase sets in with the process of designing and creation of technical documentation for the project. This is a crucial phase where the software development model is shaped. The goals of the project are refined, updated and finalized for implementation. An elaborate technical analysis of the project is performed to define specifications for the software. Functional specifications for the software, from the elemental to the apex, are defined in this stage. It is in this phase where it is decided as to what features are to be included in the software and what are not to be.
A Technical Design Document (TDD) is worked out. A prototype of the proposed software is built, which enables client to review the product and permits incorporation of any required changes in the early development stage itself. The development team charts the design process, prepares project implementation plans, evaluates costs, and draws up schedules for the various deliverable.
Initial Software Development:
Based on the client-approved prototype, the actual software development is put into motion. USSI uses a combination of waterfall and spiral process methodologies to build the solution modules. Our Development model allows for parallel online product monitoring by the client as it evolves, which prevents any possible product deviations. Once modules are developed in accordance with the project plan, they are integrated and subsequently tested; a user guide for the software is created.
Our Software Development Team prepares a ‘Test Plan’ describing the various levels of testing, including unit testing, integration testing and system testing, for the software. A team of highly-experienced testers examine the real-time operation of the software. Rigorous Testing methodologies are employed to resolve and prioritize bugs, and ensure that the software is robust. The results of the Testing process are recorded, and once they are approved by our testers and the client, the software is readied for deliverance.
Product Deployment
The product is incorporated into client business. USSI team deploys the software, familiarizes client environment with the software, and acquires final approval from the client on the project.
A typical USSI software package contains
  • The Software Product
  • Quality Assurance Documentation
  • Technical Specifications Documentation and Design Documentation
  • User Manual
  • Installation Program and Guidelines
  • Documented Source Code
  • Maintenance Instrucitons
  • The client reserves the right to the intellectual property. Our Development team provides constant system support after installation.
Our Maintenance & Support service include
  • Product Updations to Improve Product Usability
  • Solving Product-related Technical Issues
  • Consultation on Product Usage

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