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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps
Concept Review
No matter how good an idea sounds or how confident our client is, we like to put the concept through a rigorous vetting process, refining and enhancing the idea. Only then, are we ready to start designing the look and feel of the app and the contents.
Design and Mock-up
Once we have accepted an idea, it’s time to start designing. From designing a logo and brand identity all the way through to full mock up design. Our in-house specialists sprint into action. We are belivers in data-drive decision making, which means that we adhere to an agile, analytics-driven approach. Build, review, test and gather feedback. We implement design sprints.
Develop and Test
Deadlines are important to us. Our development cycle has clear milestones to ensure development happens on a timely basis. We manage each development as if it was our own app, insuring that we review each detail with our clients. Each sprint release is tested exhaustively and reviewed until we get it right.
Submitting an app to the App Store can be a daunting process, we consider the issues in advance and have the experience and expertise to know what Google and Itunes expect. We will prepare the launch for you.